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What Do You Need to GUARANTEE Your Program Attracts Top Performing & Highly Motivated Students While Cutting Costs AND Promoting Diversity?


Imagine You Could Select Students who are Genuinely Interested in the Pursuit of the Profession, Achieving Excellence and Serving Others rather than those Primarily Seeking Financial Security.

Imagine you could accomplish all that in half, one third, or even one fourth the time and money it costs you using traditional applicant screening protocols.

If your admissions process is well positioned, there are only a handful of things you need to propel your admissions process to the next level and select noble prize winning students and building a long lasting legacy.

But if you get this right, there will be an AVALANCHE of opportunities that are going to open up for you.

This is how to propel your career to the next level.

This is how you turn a less known university to a unicorn in the education sector and a household name.

This is how you can transform your University into a world leader for transparent and unbiased student selection. 

This is how any program and even entire university can change its course in history.

This is how you start attracting the right applicants on autopilot.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new university or well-established institution with a 200-year history.

It doesn’t matter if you are a private or public university.

It all comes to attracting AND selecting the RIGHT students with the RIGHT skills and the RIGHT motivation.


Dear admissions dean, director and officer:

Before I tell you more about SortSmart® - a new free admissions screening tool that helps universities select top performing applicants and cut costs while promoting diversity like never before - I’d like you to hear what others have to say:

“SortSmart is a convenient and innovative tool with a true potential to revolutionize candidate screening. Our startup is often hiring in positions including marketing and R&D. Seeing that several of our co-founders are spread across geographically distinct institutes including UCSF, University of Toronto and Harvard Medical School we find it difficult to hire new team members without bias or inconsistencies. SortSmart offers an efficient and effective solution to our problem through a user friendly, highly customizable screening tool that can be optimized to select the perfect candidates. I highly recommend SortSmart for candidate screening.” - Dr. Payam Zarin, PhD, Co-Founder of AllergenFree

“You can easily interview 3-4 times more candidates in a given week using SortSmart. Load up different sets of questions for different roles, and have the system automate the interview process without you being present. Then run through the interviews in batch work. This is a complete game changer!” - Rokham Fard, Founder of TheRedPin and PsychologyCompass

"It is a fact that a challenge of our times is to be able to pick the right candidates... how to sort them out? For too long we have relied on whoever has the most impressive list of degrees or a great sounding last names (biases). SortSmart is a new tool for a new world where we will finally be able to answer the questions: Is this person a good fit for this job, project, company or organization?" - Gabe Bautista, Consultant, GabeBautista.Com

In a news article, the CEO of Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada, Dr. Geneviève Moineau, voiced her agreement with SortSmart that “better ways to evaluate “humanistic” factors including “one’s capacity to learn” and “the intrinsic motivation to provide care and to advance scientific discovery” are needed.”, in response to a study by SortSmart on candidate selection.

As Seen On:

My story: How Study of the Body’s Natural Defense Against Disease Allowed Me to Create The Ultimate Admissions Selection Advantage

My name is Behrouz Moemeni and I am the founder and CEO at SortSmart. Before starting SortSmart, I co-founded another company in the education sector, called BeMo, which went from a one-man show to dominating its niche in less than 4 years without a penny of capital raised or personal investment. I was a recent graduate with a $30K student loan debt at that time so personal investments were out of the question - I couldn’t even pay the bills at the time. I attribute most of my success at BeMo to learning how to select top performers to join our team. 

I am a scientist by training and hold a PhD in a specialized field of medicine called immunology, which as you probably already know, is the study of the immune system. During my training I focused on experimentation and scientific discovery and I run my life and products and services based on those scientific tenants.

My research during my PhD studies resulted in 19 awards, invited presentations at 7 international conferences, publication of 3 peer-reviewed journals, one of which has been viewed over ten thousand times and downloaded more than three thousand times as of  this writing. This may not seem like much to a non-academic but as you probably agree, we are lucky if our articles are read by two hundred people. 

I have given a TEDx talk on the topic of university admissions screening you may have watched. Watch may TEDx talk here

I have also taught two courses at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine, including a course on immunology designed for first year medical students. 

The immune system is really fascinating and it is tasked with fighting infections and other anomalies within the body. Our bodies are being constantly assaulted by microbes and viruses and other living microorganisms that want to take over our bodies and use our bodies as a source of nutrient and reproduction. They are essentially competing with us over the same resources. This is something you probably already knew, but what will surprise you is that the immune system for the most part does not know what is exactly foreign and how to fight foreign cells. Rather it “learns” as we encounter different microorganisms through our lives by trial and error and as we age it develops further and further specialized cells (think of them as team members) to fight an ever-increasing array of harmful microbes, viruses and even cancer cells. And these cells have an unparalleled advantage. They are willing to literally fight to death for the good of the whole team (i.e. you).

What Does This Have to Do with Your Admissions Process?

It turns out it has everything to do with admissions and generally candidate selection.

You see, the best way for your admissions process and your University as whole to become completely dominant in your field is by selecting top performing applicants for your program who are willing to work as hard as their professors and your notable alumni with blood, sweat and tears.

Once you have the right students and know how to attract and select the right student on demand during every admissions cycle, you can keep growing your authority and reputation at an international level with the help of your highly motivated students.

The icing on the cake is that top performers are always surrounded by other top performers so they will act as your advocates and spread the word. Call it free advertising with a conversation rate close to 100% boosted by a positive feedback loop of every growing number of top performers. 

This is your ultimate advantage. NOT building new facilities. NOT intellectual property. NOT marketing. And certainly NOT PR.

Without the right people in your program, nothing can help you propel forward. Not EVEN a billion dollars in endowments!

Cash doesn’t create a world-class education and reputation, people do.


Cold Hard Truth about Traditional Admissions Selection Practices

Traditional selection protocols such as personal statements, any form of paper application, situational judgment tests, random personality tests, and traditional video or in person interviews are SABOTAGING your admissions process because they do NOT work and they cost you an arm and leg. Worse, they are inefficient and they take a long time to process. They are also not fair to your applicants because it’s impossible to screen your entire pool of applicants using these practices. When was the last time you were able to invite your entire pool of applicants for in-person interviews?

Notably, these methods have been proven in the literature over and over again to cause socioeconomic, gender and even racial bias. 

SortSmart Study Reveals that Majority of Selected Medical Students and Residents Come from Wealthy Families

If Harvard isn’t Safe, Who is?

Even worse, because the implicit bias is high, the media is always looking for the next case of diversity issue to blow out of proportion for a few bucks. Remember the lawsuit against Harvard? 

But there’s more bad news.... Selecting applicants using these traditional protocols is leaving you exposed and vulnerable to an inevitable instance of professional misconduct by one of your students and the ensuing potential lawsuit and bad press that can damage your personal reputation and career as well as the reputation of your entire institution.

As Warren Buffet said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.”

Worst of all, NONE of these practices can select intrinsically motivated applicants, rather they are vulnerable to selecting applicants motivated primarily by wealth, status and/or familial pressure. This has been duplicated by several studies and validated by two independent studies we conducted here at SortSmart.

When student are not intrinsically motivated they underperform and cause trouble. This leaves you constantly sleeping with one eye open because you are worried that you are going to wake to yet another diversity, burnout, or professional misconduct problem, which inevitably restarts the pointless vicious cycle. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you have the right tool AND the right strategy you can attract and select highly motivated and top performing students who will build your legacy and your reputation.

During my experience at my other firm, BeMo, I had the opportunity to see over ten thousand applicants go through various forms of traditional applicant screening protocols because BeMo is in the business of helping aspiring students with admissions to highly competitive professional programs such as medicine, law, dentistry, and pharmacy. Some of these programs have a success rate of 4% or less and they attract up to 10 to 15 thousand applicants each year.

It's important to note that these programs have some of the most stringent applicant screening processes due to the high stake nature of the professions and as a result they provide the best possible education on admissions screening.

This allowed me to see clear patterns and identify what works and what doesn’t work in attracting and selecting highly motivated top performers and create a powerful system that is far more reliable in selecting truly motivated applicants like clockwork.

We combined our scientifically proven system with new technology to create a software that reduces both the time AND cost required to screen and select many applicants simultaneously.

We even conducted two studies in the United States and Canada on medical school admission, which has one of the most stringent selection criteria. 

Our results have been picked up by media and influencers and have started an intense debate about improvements to selection criteria based on our findings.

I am now at a stage where I get interviewed by professional association such as the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) for my expert opinion on admissions.

We were invited to write two guest articles for University World News and Diverse Issues in Higher Education.

I was also invited to give a presentation on admissions screening at the Beyond Sciences Initiative International Conference, which has been viewed over 11 thousand times as of writing this. 

I was even invited to give a TEDx talk about admissions. 

We are even getting unsolicited requests directly from admissions deans & directors who want to consult with us.


If There’s Anything You Must Master, it’s the Art & Science of Selecting the Right Students.

Your students are essentially your program and university team members and they often become long-term partners.

And most top organizations understand this. For example, Steve Jobs hired more than TWO THOUSAND employees all by himself during his career.

This is why I am inviting you and your admissions team to join me and my team of experts here at SortSmart to help you select top students at half the time and cost, while promoting diversity. You will get access to our state-of-the-art software to screen your applicants and score them based on the three scientifically proven personality traits absolutely essential for success: Coachability, conscientiousness, and intrinsic motivation.

I am limiting our programs to a few serious universities at a time so that we have time to maintain the quality of our service.

The software will cut down the time of applicant screening by 1/5th to 1/10th of what you are used to traditionally. This will free up your time significantly so you can focus on the things that are most important: research, innovation, expansion, establishing authority, public relations and serving your community. 

And I take our own medicine; all of our team members are selected using the same system and software we will be sharing with you.

You cannot get this level of expertise and technology at any price anywhere. We’ve got the experience to help you select the best students, promote diversity, save you considerable amount of time and money, and lay the foundation for building a legacy for you and your institution.

SortSmart® Motivation-Based Admissions Screening: A New Admissions Screening Tool that Helps Universities Select Top Performing Applicants and Cut Costs while Promoting Diversity Like Never Before, Absolutely Free.

In case you are on the fence, I should say up front that the software will not cost you or your institution a penny.

That's right, we'll give you access to our software, absolutely free instead of our regular $10,000 annual licensing fee when you sign up today.

We'll even provide your institution a sample set of questions, complete training videos for the use of the software, creating more questions, scoring applicant responses, and training your evaluators so you can screen your applicants using the software on your own.

We won't even charge your applicants any fee like the other guys. The point is to reduce barrier to cost for applicants not to make a buck from them and add more cost and complexity to their plates. 

Why am I offering the software that has cost me over $200,000 and 5 years to create for free? 

Because I believe everyone deserves access to higher education and every school deserves to select high performing students. My hope is that after using our software and our sample questions, you’ll love it as much as others who have used it that you will choose us to be your long-term partner for all your admissions screening needs. 

All you have to do is click below and start with a no obligation free initial discovery consultation so we can find out if our software is a good fit for your program and institution. 


This is What You Get with SortSmart Motivation-Based Admissions Screening

  • Selection of highly motivated students while reducing the implicit bias.
  • Access to our proprietary admissions screening software.
  • Selection and numeric scoring of your applicants based on scientifically proven personal attributes essential for success.
  • Significantly higher reliability compared to traditional selection protocols and tools.
  • Selection of applicants who are top preforming and highly motivated.
  • Selection of applicants based on scientifically proven characteristics required for success: conscientiousness, coach-ability, and intrinsic motivation.
  • Significant reduction in curriculum-induced burnout and depression rate.
  • Elimination of the time and cost required for reviewing personal statements, resumes, SJTs results, or setting up interviews.
  • Scalability of screening from a handful of applicants to tens of thousands for various programs simultaneously.
  • Proprietary solution backed by decades of research.
  • Customizable questions for any program.
  • Customizable branding for your institution. 
  • ZERO cost to your institution.
  • NO cost to your applicants.


Why Should You Sign Up for SortSmart Instead of Using Traditional Applicant Screening?

  • The ONLY admissions screening tool designed to select applicants based on intrinsic motivation, conscientiousness, and coach-ability. 
  • The ONLY admissions screening tool that selects applicants based on predictors of future on-the-job behavior.
  • The ONLY admissions screening tool that can promote diversity and significantly reduce any implicit bias.
  • The ONLY admissions screening tool that can screen your entire pool of applicants to make the process fair and scientific.
  • Elimination of time-consuming and ineffective written applications, situational judgement tests and in-person interviews. 
  • Numeric scoring of each applicant to make your admissions process robust and defensible. 
  • Completely online and quick process designed to allow screening of any applicant in any geographical location to avoid added costs to applicants.
  • Zero added time or cost to your institution.
  • No added cost to your students. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What will the free discovery consultation include?

During the discovery consultation, one of our admissions experts will first ask you a few questions to make sure SortSmart is the right fit for your program and goals. If it is the right fit, we will then answer any questions you may have and show you a demo of our software and services so you can see exactly how it works and what you will receive when you sign up with us.

2. Will the discovery consultation be online or over the phone? I don't have time to travel anywhere.

All of our discovery consultations are done online via videoconference and we'll arrange everything at our end. All you have to do on is click a link we'll create for you on your scheduled consultation date and you can do this from anywhere you like as long as you have access to Internet.

3. What do we get when you use SortSmart software?

You get access to a sample test and instructions on how to use the software, design questions, train your evaluators and much more. Once you have your test designed, which will take a couple of hours in an afternoon, you'll be able to send secure login details to all your applicants simultaneously with a click of a button. Once your applicants have taken the test, you'll direct your test evaluators to grade the applicant responses and then all you will have to do is login to our software to review applicants scores, their ranking compared to other students and their original response plus the comments from our test graders. You even have the ability to rank your applicants based on their score so you can quickly select the top performers.

4. What type of questions and responses are possible using SortSmart?

Our software allows you to create questions formats that are video, audio or text-based and similarly the answers can be in the form of video, audio or text. This allows you to create a broad range of question and answer formats best suited to detect intrinsic motivation, conscientiousness, and coachability. Further, it allows you to offer interviews to everyone without geographical boundaries making your admissions process fairer and more scientific.

5. Does SortSmart replace our existing admissions screening process?

It can, but that's totally up to you. You may use SortSmart results either on their own or in combination with your existing admissions process. We leave that decision for you and your institution to make at your discretion. 

My Final Thoughts:

If you are completely satisfied with your admissions process and you are confident that you can get to the next level on your own, then this is probably not for you.

If you are completely closed-minded to try new strategies to make new discoveries and would rather hold on to the status quo, this is probably not for you either.

If you are in charge of admissions for a graduate, post graduate or professional program with high stakes admissions requiring to screen several hundred to tens of thousands of applicants each application cycle; and if you are serious about discovering new admission screening procedures while promoting diversity, building a world-class university and willing to do whatever it takes, then this is exactly for you.

Since you have come this far, I hope that some internal resistance, procrastination or cost doesn't stop you. Our services don’t cost you or your applicants a penny. On the other hand the cost of attrition, professional misconduct, burnout or even doing all of the selection process on your own is substantial. Never mind the cost of defending a lawsuit or rebuilding a damaged reputation. Remember, when you are able to select the right students, you can become a supernova in your industry and you’ll be reaping the benefits for years to come. Moreover, you'll have bragging rights and the rightful sense of pride that you helped your university leap to the next level at such a pivotal moment forever.

Fair? Great!

Click the link below to schedule your free initial discovery consultation today.

We look forward to working with you. 

To your success,

Dr. Behrouz Moemeni, PhD

CEO @ SortSmart


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