The future of candidate screening & admissions assessment is here. Join the revolution. 

Selecting ill-suited team members and students are the number one reason businesses and universities fail to meet their objectives, costing them hundreds of billions of dollars every year in lost revenue and time. Importantly, traditional selection methods are either unreliable and/or add to the complexity of the process making them unsuitable and unpractical solutions. 

We believe every organization deserves a passionate team of A-players and selecting best-suited applicants shouldn't be time consuming and complicated. This is why we are changing the future of employee recruitment and admissions assessment with our proprietary solutions. 

Our goal is to create insanely useful (and scientifically sound) solutions that work and provide more than just some trivial information or haphazard protocols like the other companies out there! We want to make sure that organizations are able to select the best applicants while utilizing selection criteria that are fair to all applicants.  

We do whatever it takes to come up with creative solutions…and then implement like mad scientists.  We develop innovative applicant screening tools for universities, colleges, and corporations, that maximize selection accuracy and minimize the inaccuracy and burden of candidate selection using traditional methods and we go where others dare not to explore.

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