Select intrinsically motivated applicants. Save time & cost. Promote Diversity. 

Selecting ill-suited applicants are the number one reason universities fail to meet their objectives, costing them hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Importantly, traditional selection methods are either unreliable and/or add to the complexity of the process making them unsuitable and unpractical solutions. Even worse is that fact that traditional screening methods such as situational judgement tests, in person interview, written applications and standardized testing have been shown to cause socioeconomic, racial, gender and cultural bias. 

Why are traditional applicant screening practices inadequate? 

Two simple reasons:

1) They have been designed to select for specific personal characteristics. But personal characteristics do not direct behavior, motivation does. 

2) They have been at best "validated" to correlate with future test performance. In essence, there is no evidence that they can actually detect future on-the-job behaviour, rather they can only tell you whether your applicants are good test takers. 

Here's what we believe:

We believe every professional program deserves a highly motivated pool of students and applicant screening shouldn't be time consuming and complicated. This is why we are changing the future of admissions assessment with our proprietary solutions. 

Our goal is to create insanely useful (and scientifically sound) solutions that work and provide more than just some trivial information or haphazard protocols like the other companies out there! We want to make sure that organizations are able to select the best applicants while promoting diversity. 

We do whatever it takes to come up with creative solutions…and then implement like mad scientists.  We develop innovative applicant screening tools for universities that maximize selection accuracy and minimize the inaccuracy and burden of candidate selection using traditional methods and we go where others dare not to explore. 

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